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Alex Curran

Alex Curran, wife of Steven Gerrard, has a beauty qualification

They are the fake-tan blondes whose specialist subjects on Mastermind would be Shopping and Looking Vacuous.

Or so you might think, given the popular perception of the football WAGs.

But in fact players' wives and girlfriends are good role models for young women, who should look up to them if they want to get on in life.

That's the opinion of education experts who said yesterday that the WAGs are not simply airheads who enjoy spending their husbands' enormous wages in expensive boutiques.

In fact they almost all have decent qualifications to fall back on - and are usually far better educated than their other halves.

Training bosses said that too many teenage girls envied the WAGs' glamorous lifestyles without realising that many had worked to build their own careers first.

In a desperate bid to encourage more teenagers to stay on in education, they said that research into WAG backgrounds showed nine out of ten had five good GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

According to the Learning and Skills Council, one exception is Victoria Beckham, who achieved fame and fortune despite leaving school with only a few GCSEs.

But the training quango insisted the chances of following in her footsteps were less than one in 200,000.

Many other WAGs had minimum levels of qualifications while some had A-levels and degrees to their name, it said.

Coleen McLoughlin, Wayne Rooney's fiancee, may be more famous for her spending sprees than her intellect but in fact has ten GCSEs, including four A grades.

Lisa Roughead, who is married to Michael Carrick, has a business degree, and Stewart Downing's former flame Michaela Henderson-Thynne is studying for a degree in law.

By LAURA CLARK on Dailymail.co.uk

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